Feelings………..never ending…

In my previous blog,


I talked about emotional roller coaster. But now, I feel it was too early to talk about emotions and feelings.

Unless u go to depression, its hard or I would say impossible to express those feelings;

feelings of cold flashes, hot flashes

heart burn, heavy head and eyes

fear, stress, sadness, anxiety,

body tremors, vivid dreams, suicidal thoughts, stomache

yawning, fast heartbeat, cud feel every single beat and warmth of ur heart

feeling like smbdy tied u wid the rope

u wanna cry but u r not able to

And then the effects of antidepressants. In a day you go through so much of up and down. One time u r so excited and the other moment u r helpless. jus a door bell or phone ring scares you, u don’t want to talk to anybody. U dnt wanna work and the next moment u feel like zombie. Ur excitement level goes up and up. Everything goes unstoppable

The worst part is when u forget half of the things. U jus laugh when ur friends tell u what u did.

And when altogether you loose ur loved one, you go through heart break and financial crisis, u fall to this devil depression.

In my coming posts, I will discuss in detail about How i won over this evil monster.